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  • marbles

    Marble is a stone of great warmth with an extensive chromatic range. Marble is used mainly in construction, decoration and sculpture. It can be translucent or it can come in different colours (white, brown, red, green, black, gray, blue, yellow). It can be uniform or varied in marbling or graining.

  • granites

    Granite is an igneous rock of great beauty and uniqueness that transmits the force of nature. The basic composition of granite is quartz, feldspar and mica, which makes it very hard and resistant to abrasion.

  • Limestone and Sandstone

    Limestone and Sandstone are sedimentary rocks that take many different colours. They are highly resistant to fire.

  • slates

    Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash, with a degree of impermeability that makes it ideal for roofs and decking.

  • Silestone color reflejos de ruby

    Portuguese limestones

    This unique type of limestone is often used in construction. On the trade front, the various types of Portuguese Limestone are classified according to their physical durability (semi-hard, firm, semi-firm, soft).

  • Silestone color reflejos de ruby


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