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Sogestone Stone Solutions

SOGESTONE is based on a simple proposition: Logistical and process-control solutions for the supply of stone, granite, quartz and other natural stones for construction, decoration and interior design.

We specialize in finding solutions for quarry materials. We can draw on our experience of 25 years in the industry; sourcing the material, transforming it into a commercial product, expertly applying it as a final product.

Our location (Porrino), is located in the heart of one of the most important granite production regions in the world, close to the Portuguese border.


  • PRODUCTS: tiles, board, special cuts (for interior or exterior), steps, skirting board, etc.
  • TECHNICAL SURFACES and ventilated facades.
  • FLOORING AND URBAN AREAS: curb, slabs, pavers ...
  • CONSTRUCTION: lintels, stamped, cornices, sills, columns, thickness.
  • COATING kitchen and bathroom counters, etc..
  • DECORATION detailed treatment of exotic materials.
  • STREET FURNITURE: benches, tables, bollards, etc.
  • Materials

  • GRANITE, from a variety of origins (Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, India, etc.)
  • MARBLE, from a variety of origins (Italy, Spain, Egypt, Portugal, India, Greece, Turkey, etc.)
  • ONIX
  • QUARTZ,Silestone, Compac, Santa Margarita, Caserstone, Stoneitaliana, Dlresco, Vicostone, Quarela, Okite, Cymestone.


    If there is, we do. Can be difficult, but for us nothing is impossible.
    We will always have the solution to your needs. Contact us and see the difference.
    Stone will be left ...