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Comprehensive Service

leave in our hands

Service in stone, either in flats, apartments, traditional houses, villas, farmhouses, idyllic, and so on. as well as for companies in offices and offices, retail and customer service, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, and much more.

It specializes in everything related to the world of rock, stone or tile laying dry mortar joint, flexible, lime, lime mortar, blasting, vertical tiling, cladding, etc.. all types of stone with different finishes such as bush hammered, escalifado, scraped, flamed, honed, polished, apiconado, sawed, cut, split, flaggy and also performs restoration of facades, interior walls, shrines, pillars, revoltones, arcades, pillars, fireplaces, etc.

To provide a comprehensive service, SOGESTONE also performs different treatments for stone, given its location, value and variety. Thus, treatments are carried out cleaning such as sandblasting, the preventive as waterproofing, safety and the slip, or maintenance of aging, getting always get the most out of the stone.

SOGESTONE, works with all types of stone either natural stone, granite, slate, sandstone, quartzite, limestone, marble, phyllite, and so on. and with different finishes and are linear (the finish of the profile shape) as the straight, round, bevel, milling, etc.. and with different surface finishes (surface finish) and the granulated, escalifado, scraped, flamed, honed, polished, apiconado, sawed, cut, split, flaggy, etc..

To carry out all our services under the best conditions, we have employees with the best technical and human resources specializing in stonework, all designed to achieve greater efficiency in the result and to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Do not hesitate, if you want quality service and professional contact SOGESTONE, we will respond and tell you everything there is to know in the world of rock.