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STONE Techniques


Traditional masonry construction consists of walls and walls erected for various purposes, using the manual placement of materials such as:

- Bricks

- Prefabricated concrete blocks

- Stones, carved in regular or irregular shapes



Quarrying is the art of carving stone for use in buildings. The different craftsmen involved in the process are called cabuqueros, carvers, masons and carvers or cutters.

The quarry work is machined to a large extent, caused the gradual disappearance of the trades of masonry. It is intended for production, preferably, the restoration of buildings of architectural and heritage, the cladding and the development of masonry walls.



The coatings or claddings natural stone, are elements that have a decorative function or isolation, but not bearing.

You can say, replacing the traditional masonry, and its use increasingly expanded with the evolution of fastening techniques.


Ventilated facades

The facade is ventilated or ventilation space envelope construction system consisting of an inner sheet, an insulating layer and an outer sheet unsealed.

This type of facade finishes usually lets durable, high quality, and good thermal performance, but has a high price. It is a common solution and representative institutional buildings.



Pavements, are applications in which the stresses acting on the materials, are the most aggressive.

Consider, in the strong bending, impact or abrasion caused by the different trades, moisture acts almost permanently on the stone, the heavy action of frost deposition of snow in cold climates, phenomena of efflorescence or stains from the substrate support, etc..



Conservation and restoration of works of art is the set of processes dedicated to the preservation of cultural property for the future, returning the EFFICIENCY and originality to a product of human activity or natural.

Conservation activities are to: review, documentation, treatment, prevention and care, support to research of works of art. They are all areas within a profession.



The finish is a manufacturing process used in manufacturing whose purpose is to obtain a surface with adequate characteristics for the particular application of the product being manufactured, this includes but is not limited to the cosmetic product. In some cases, the finishing process can have the additional purpose of getting the product into dimensional specifications.



As raw material, the stone is usually extracted from quarries, open pit mining. Quarrying is one of the oldest crafts tradition. The stone is carved by master carvers.

The stone is the material best preserved and most famous of which were used to produce the first tools, during the Paleolithic, known as lithic industry, although there are reasons to assume that both materials were used in poorer preservation, such as wood , bone or plant fibers.